I’m Bradley (why yes, that is me pictured below…) and I hail from Cape Town, South Africa.  I’ve been an avid comic book fan for the last 20 years or so and still am to this day.  As I read a lot of comics, graphic novels and manga I’ve decided to dedicate this blog to comics to inform fans out there what’s worth your hard-earned cash, and what deserves to be deposited into the bin (see ranking system below).  If you live anywhere on the African continent you will have discovered that it’s notoriously difficult to obtain complete volumes of comics as most stores stock an unsorted variety of books due to botched importing.  Luckily, stores like Readers Den and Figure Fanatix stock a wide variety as the owners are just as much fans as you guys are.  The internet is also a great source for comics as most titles have been digitized.  In my spare time, I like to overextend myself with hobbies including; gaming (PC, PS3, old school roms), comics (that’s a given), reading, writing (am currently scripting a graphic novel), movies, anime and I like to paint Warhammer 40k models.  On a final note, I’ll try to update as often as I can (annoying things like ‘work’ tend to sap a lot of my time) and I hope this site will be useful to any and all who may stumble upon it.

Email: comicbookinformer@gmail.com

The Comic Informer Grading System

S – S Rank

The S Rank rating is reserved for those titles that are special, superb, stupendous, spectacular and so on and so forth, only a rare few are bestowed this honorable rank, so titles like Watchmen and Transmetropolitan would be good examples of S rank-worthy material.

A – Excellent

Bordering on perfection, titles awarded the A ranking are much deserving of your time and attention, and have little to no imperfections, expect brilliant art or story-lines.

B – Good

While not the best the industry has to offer, B rank titles are entertaining nonetheless and may call for repeat reading/watching if only to skip to notably good sections.

C – Average

Unfortunately, like most media these days, there is very few things that are spectacular, most being merely average, with no call for repeat reading/viewing.  Average art and plot serve only to kill time, C rank titles represent the majority of what the comic-book industry has to offer.

D – Poor

D rank titles are of poor production value, don’t expect anything in the way of quality or originality, it’s generally a good idea to avoid these, definitely not worth your time or money.

F – Fail

Titles ranked F are so bad that I’ve skipped ‘E’ and gone straight to F-ail.  Avoid at all costs, These titles offer no redeeming qualities what-so-ever and shouldn’t even be in existence.


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