Free Comic Book Day | Cape Town Roundup

As usual, Free Comic Book Day took place on the first Saturday of May.  A global event, where participating comic book stores around the world give away comics for free to anyone who visits their establishments.  Once again, Readers Den in Claremont, Cape Town took part and enjoyed what must have been the largest turn out yet as the place was absolutely packed.  I’m not too sure how things went down last year as I did not attend, but this time things operated a little differently to 2010.  As per the norm, Readers Den had a plethora of merchandise in the courtyard area just outside the store, however entrance into the actual store was somewhat frustrating as patrons were forced to wait in a queue (my friends and I were waiting around three-quarters of an hour), single file as the owners only allowed 15 – 20 people in at a time, for security purposes no doubt, and that’s fine and all as long as you don’t leave the store when you eventually get to it as you’ll have to stand in line all over again…*sighs*.  So apart from the heightened security of closed-circuit surveillance and a policemen posted at the doors I look forward to next year when they will have  ED-209‘s or something to that effect…

Anyway, a nice addition this year was undoubtedly all the booths scattered around, with various local artists showing off their work, posing for pictures and selling merchandise.  There’s a lot of talent in Cape Town, and surprisingly a lot more local comics/graphic novels being produced then I realized, there was even a booth with custom-made sculptures/action-figures.   It has to be said though, that one of the best tables was undoubtedly the free coffee stand, free coffee…c’mon what more could you want?  Some other noteworthy things included marked down goods @ 10%, free goody bag to the first fifty customers to spend a hundred bucks (I got one, whahaha ^_^), free hardcover graphic novels for every R500 spent (got two of those…), screening room for movies and anime and as always various cosplayers in all shapes and forms.

All-in-all, it was a fun day, got some really cool stuff – such as the X-23 statue (pictured below), and I look forward to seeing what next year brings.  I managed to put aside some time (between shopping and coffee-drinking) to take some pictures of the day’s festivities, enjoy 🙂

A pricey, but very nice PVC statue of X-Men character X-23, cloned from a copy of Wolverine’s damaged genome.

~ Gallery ~

Nameless Sith Lord.

Proud owner of Readers Den.

A deer in headlights…

First of the local talent I encountered, promoting ‘Juvies’.

‘The end is nigh’, this man was wondering all over the place promoting ‘The Passengers’.

Reminds me of lowbrow art, very cool.

Presumably the creators of ‘Apocalypse Chef’…

…and some of their work, very impressive.

A custom-made statue.

Another custom job, a rendition of Bane from the upcoming ‘The Dark Knight Rises’.

A few more custom statues as well as some Super Sculpey (gray block in the background) which is used to make all the figures.

The sculptor of note.

More cosplayers, pictured from left-to-right – Pirate Deadpool, Jin (Samurai Champloo) & The Goon.

Iron Man, Mark I.


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