Review | The Losers

Publisher/s: Vertigo

Genre: Techno-thriller

Author/s: Andy Diggle

Artist/s: Various

Format: Maxi-series

No. of Issues: 32

Vintage: August 2003 – March 2006

The Plot | An elite special forces unit gets betrayed by their mysterious handler – codename Max, as a result the unit (self-proclaimed ‘Losers’) teams up with the ruthless Aisha who shares a common interest with the gang – kill Max.

The Good | The Losers has been on my ‘to-read-list’ for sometime now due to its A-Team-like comparisons.  A specialized joint military-CIA unit is betrayed and out for revenge.  Much like the A-Team, The Losers consist of a bunch of stereotype characters all fulfilling a particular role.  Clay is the leader/brain of the operation, Roque is the cold-hearted money-driven second in charge, Jensen is the tech wizard/hacker and comic relief, Cougar is the expert marksman, Pooch is the pilot (able to pilot any vehicle) much like Murdock (see A-Team) and finally you have Aisha – the loose-cannon, bad-ass chick out for revenge.  While these character types are no where near original they serve their purpose perfectly for the story and are hugely entertaining.

Because The Losers is published by Vertigo, this comic is in no way shy about the amount of violence and swearing splashed upon its pages, it’s fitting since the comic is focused on a military unit out for revenge so naturally there is a myriad of obstacles (people they get to kill) between The Losers and their target – Max.  The comic is split into smaller story arcs that act as chapters, with the central plot ever-present, The Losers never deviates into unnecessary sub-plots that have no bearing on the main story (which I’m thankful for as I detest filler-plots).  The amount of ‘chapters’ mirrors the amount of artists involved with the comic so the odds of one becoming bored with the artwork is little to none.

The Bad | If I were to nitpick I’d say that the storyline isn’t the most original and the characters are all stereotypes but these are only minor aspects as The Losers is an entertaining read.

To Conclude | If you enjoy A-Team style adventure plots and military action, The Losers has enough suspense, twists ‘n turns and carnage to keep anyone entertained.  On a final note, do yourself a favour and ensure that you read the comic before you watch the film, I think you’d be quite horrified at how Hollywood butchered the source material.

Grade | B+


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