Publisher/s: Boom! Studios

Genre: Revenge, action

Author/s: Chris Gorak

Artist/s: Damian Couceiro

Format: Limited Series

No. of Issues: 4

Vintage: November 2009 – February 2010

The Plot: When Nola Thomas is left for dead in a car wreck, she awakens in hospital only to find her room knee-deep in water after Hurricane Katrina has decimated New Orleans.

The Good? Nola is a straight-forward story of revenge, with a little bit of mystery thrown in as Nola desperately tries to unravel the past which has been hidden from her for reasons unknown.  After a man named Chevis leaves her for dead in an overturned car, the resulting explosion (Chevis lights the leaking fuel aflame as opposed to typical Hollywood style of random vehicular-explosion-for-no-reason) leaves Nola disfigured but not dead as she awakens bandaged in an empty hospital.  As everyone in town believes her to be dead, she takes the opportunity to right old wrongs in typical Wild West fashion – guns ablaze.  Though it isn’t the most cerebral of stories I did enjoy it nonetheless as Nola makes for a strong female heroine in the vacant city of post-Hurricane Katrina New Orleans.

The Bad? Well as I stated before, the story isn’t that cerebral or original in actuality – using a straight-forward revenge plot formula.  I think the only thing that makes the comic worth your time is Nola herself as she’s a sassy, bad-ass woman and hey, what guy doesn’t like that?  The artwork isn’t the greatest I’ve seen and found it to be somewhat underwhelming and even boring in places due to a lack of inventive/interesting camera angles that could’ve been used.

To Conclude: Boom! Studios, founded in June 2005, is a new kid on the comic publisher block and I’ve been quite impressed with the comics they’ve released in general as they seem to go beyond the typical spandex-clad superhero archetype in favour of genres like – super-natural, science-fiction, crime and more.  Nola is no exception as Gorak has created a realistic character in a realistic world (having taken elements from the real-life Hurricane Katrina disaster).  Though not the best the industry has to offer, Nola is worth your time nonetheless.

Grade: B


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