Free Comic Book Day 2010 – Cape Town, South Africa

What is Free Comic Book Day? FCBD is a single day, the first Saturday of May each year, where comic-book stores around the world give out comics for free (though rules may vary from store to store).  FCBD celebrates the comic art-form and at the same time, gets more people interested in the medium.

As usual, I went down to Readers Den in Claremont just before 09:00 am with a couple of friends in order to get my share of the discounted figures, comics and graphic novels that would be on sale.  Comparatively, there was a larger turn out last year but it was busy nonetheless as people rocked up for discounted goods, cos-play opportunities and the chance to win some cool prizes (which, sadly I didn’t win).  I’m not entirely sure how many stores around the country were taking part in FCBD, though I’m sure there must have been quite a few.  The only other place I checked out was Figure Fanatix, though by Comparison Readers Den was the place to be in Cape Town.

Luckily, I took the time to snap some shots of Saturday’s festivities.  If you missed or didn’t know about FCBD – relax, there’s always next year.  🙂

The proud owner of Readers Den.

This attractive pair are proof that not all comic-book fans are creepy basement-dwellers.


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