Review – Kick-Ass: Book One

Publisher/s: Icon

Genre: Superhero

Author/s: Mark Millar

Artist/s: John Romita Jr.

Format: Limited Series

No. of Issues: 8

Vintage: April 2008 – March 2010

Dave Lizewski is an unnoticed high school student and comic-book fan who one day decides to become a super-hero, even though he has no powers, training or meaningful reason to do so.

Ever thought about being a super-hero? I’m sure every kid has at some point so isn’t it a little weird that no one has ever really tried it before?  Well Dave Lizewski, an ordinary, if somewhat geeky, high-school student with an affinity for comics has these thoughts.  So one day he decides to do it, putting together a suit for himself and armed with a pair of billy clubs, he begins to train and exercise in order to prepare himself for the tasks ahead and during his first encounter, Dave Lizewski, Super-hero – Gets his ass kicked!!

So that’s the premise, the comic is filled with graphic ultra-violence and is at times very funny (perhaps unintentionally) given the situations that Dave gets himself into.  Kick-Ass is a creator-owned comic series created by Mark Millar, creator of the brilliant ‘Wanted’ series, and  published by Marvel Comics under the company’s Icon label.

Prior to the series launch a viral campaign featuring a short video of the main character of the comic, Kick-Ass, being “caught on tape” performing a heroic act was uploaded to YouTube and spread around the Internet. Later, a MySpace page was created, supposedly maintained by the character, where it was written that “Mark Millar is doing a comic-book about me with John Romita Jr.”

A charity auction was held to name the main character. The winner, Dave Lizewski, chose his own name.  Each issue also singles out specific comic shops, crediting them for taking part in the “home-made effort” to promote the book and encourages readers to support them.

The viral campaigning and charity auctions and so forth have been well worth the effort as Millar’s Kick-Ass is a brilliant read.  Wonderful character development, tonnes of ultra-violence (which I believe will be intact in the film) and a fresh story make for a highly enjoyable comic experience, read this as soon as possible and make sure you do so before watching the film!

Grade: A


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