Review – Batman Doc Savage Special

Publisher/s: DC Comics

Genre: Superhero, adventure

Author/s: Brian Azzarello

Artist/s: Phil Noto

Format: One-shot

Vintage: n/a

Comic-books fans have been waiting for some time to see the reappearance of cult comic-book hero Doc Savage, the multi-talented adventurer who was extremely popular back in the ’30s and ’40s, and what better way to reintroduce him than by throwing the ever popular Batman into the mix into a one-shot release?

Batman Doc Savage Special is a launchpad for the forthcoming First Wave series (due march 2010), now I know a fair amount about the Batman but Doc Strange is somewhat of a mystery to me.  This one-shot seems to be set in the ‘Savage-era’ with Batman just starting out in a ’30s/’40s Gotham City where he’s been labeled as a menace and Doc Savage arrives in Gotham to bring the Batman to justice.

From what I can gather, Batman has been altered to suit the classic Savage style, and in doing so the writers did something that I really didn’t like; they gave Batman dual ‘45 pistols.  I don’t care what era they set Batman in, but the one thing that has been made very clear throughout Batman’s long history is that he does not use firearms.

The idea of Batman using firearms just doesn't sit well with me.

I must say I found J.G Jones‘ cover art to be very impressive and the realistic and clean art style of Phil Noto is quite pleasing to the eye, though the style isn’t my favourite.  Certain panels look a bit flat and boring to me and at times the art style just doesn’t seem to suit the subject matter that well.  The version of Batman seen in this comic doesn’t really appeal to me and overall it wasn’t one of the most enjoyable comics I’ve read but it sets the scene for Doc Savage’s arrival and I’m sure fans will be anxious to get their hands on the First Wave series next year.

Grade: C


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